When you or a loved one have suffered a serious injury consider calling Jeremy Dobbins for your representation. In addition to being an attorney Mr. Dobbins is also a Registered Nurse (RN) with over a decade of emergency department experience dealing with medical and psychiatric injuries and emergencies. Give us a call today.

Automobile Accidents

Big Rig Truck Accidents

Defective products, equipment, machinery, motor vehicles, and other devices that because of flaws in design or quality caused injuries

Spinal cord injuries resulting in paralysis of any kind including: paraplegia, quadriplegia, or other deficits

Maiming, scarring, or disfigurement

Burn injuries from fire, electricity, explosion, sun, tanning booths, or chemical exposure

Traumatic brain injuries

Brain injury because of infection, anoxic injury, hypoxia, exposure to toxicity

Brain injuries involving coma of various depth and duration

Amputation, impalement, and crushing injuries

Childhood (Pediatric) injuries infant, toddler, child, or adolescent

Pregnancy associated injuries to mother and / or baby: including Pre-Natal, Birth, Post-Delivery injuries

Failure to diagnose or wrong diagnosis causing injury

Surgical errors

Animal bites and attacks

Unlawful hospital detentions, false imprisonment, such as a 5150 hold or 1799 hold

Elder abuse

If you are in an accident or become injured mentally or physically:

  1. Seek medical attention
  2. It’s ok to open a claim with the insurance company of the party that injured you but do not give them information.
  3. Keep a journal of what happened, including a list of witnesses, medical treatment you received, and a detailed account of what happened leading up to the incident, the incident itself, and what happened after the incident. Including any lost work time or other missed events.
  4. Don’t settle with or even talk with the insurance company until you talk to an attorney