Mr. Dobbins is available to assist with your business and legal needs as a small to mid-sized business or company. Mr. Dobbins has experience in several industries including retail banking, healthcare and hospitals, restaurants, nightclubs, marketing and advertising, concert production, and talent management. He has been an employee, consultant, and business owner and has assisted multiple business to move from failure to financial success. Have an issue you would like to discuss? Give us a call today. Mr. Dobbins is available to discuss matters is the following areas:

Contract Formation
Contract Disputes
Business Formation
Risk Management and Advisement
Business Strategy
Management Consulting
Conditional Use Permit issues

If you have an issue with your employer:

  1. Preserve any recordings, videos, or other records that prove your issue
  2. Make a list of witnesses and contact information
  3. Make a journal describing the events in detail
  4. Consult with The Law Office Of Jeremy M Dobbins to determine your next move